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The solidarity European Union fund comes to help four EU member states

The Commission proposes 104 million euro of the Solidarity fund to help France, Greece, Spain and Portugal after natural disasters in 2017. 50.6 million are for Portugal, 3.2 for Spain, 49 million for French regions and 1.3 million for the Greek island of Lesbos.

Spain and Portugal will receive funds for all the forest fires of the summer and October, the French regions of Saint-Martin and Guadeloupe following hurricanes Irma and Maria and the Greek island of Lesbos after the June 2017 earthquake.
When a Member State is hit by a natural disaster, the EU first gives a helping hand with its emergency response instruments and then with financial aid for reconstruction in the longer term. EU Solidarity Fund money can be used to support reconstruction efforts and cover some of the costs of emergency services, temporary accommodation, clean-up operations and protection of cultural heritage, in order to relieve the financial burden borne by national authorities.


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