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The steps forward of the European Union in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Progress and new findings in artificial intelligence as well as the challenges it faces are on the current agenda. At a time when China and the United States are in a dominant position, Europe, on his side, is trying to emerge.

Artificial Intelligence is gaining an important place in today’s society because it can be applied to several fields, particularly thanks to the achieved progress. Indeed, research is already at an advanced stage with significant results in the fields of “Deep Learning”, neuronal algorithms or quantum computers.

Currently, the United States and China are ranking as leaders in the control of IA Tech although the European Union is also seeking to emerge in this field. In order to do so and in view of the positive impact that AI could have, 25 European countries have recently signed a common declaration in which they commit themselves to intensify their cooperation and to come together to modernise their national policies and develop research around AI.

Even though research funding already exists since several years, such as  Future and Emerging Technologies (FET), Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, funding on Digital Transformation in Health and Care (Horizon 2020) and the ERDF, ministers from 25 countries affirmed that companies will be  encouraged to invest in technologies such as robot intelligence. In parallel, the creation of pan-European research centres will be under consideration.

However, there is still a debate about AI, which is seen as both an opportunity and a threat. Member states still encounter disagreements, in particular regarding ethical issues, the delicate balance on job creation-destruction, personal data protection and other societal issues.

So that EU to strengthen its position on the international scene, member states need to move forward together. To this end, a common legal and ethical framework will be essential, as well as changes in national laws and the creation of new investment funds.


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