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Uncertainty over the national CAP plans puts farmers’ timely subsidies at risk

The Member States’ national administrations declare the risk to fail to meet a deadline to submit their national plans and secure timely fundings’ allocation to farmers. In response to the legal issues, farmers say that they won’t be ‘sitting around and waiting’ the plans’ adoption and call for clarity by next summer to plan their activities for 2023.

Following the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2018 reform, the Member-states administrations play a stronger role in devising and implementing their own CAP Strategic Plans. Whereas Poland and Slovakia announced that they might miss the deadline of the end of the year entirely, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, and Austria expressed difficulties in meeting the deadline. At the EU level, the new CAP still needs the final approval by the European Parliament, scheduled for mid-November. Although it is considered a formality, several Green MEPs are still calling to ‘vote this CAP down’, blaming the reformed programme of failing to address pressing climate issues.

While such legal complications are quite common for the decision-making process, farmers express concerns over the subsidies. Udo Hemmerling, deputy general secretary of the German Farmers’ Association (DBV), insisted that farmers need more predictability on the coming financial framework to plan their activities ahead.

Farmers will not ‘sit around and wait’ amid uncertainty over CAP strategic plans


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