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URBACT III launches second call for proposals

Following the success of the URBACT I and II programmes, URBACT III (2014-2020) has been developed to continue to promote sustainable integrated urban development and contribute to the delivery of the Europe 2020 strategy.

The latest URBACT III call for proposals opened on the 22nd of march. It concerns cities from the 28 member States of the EU and two partner States implementing an integrated urban strategy or action-plan on a specific policy challenge, for which funding has already been secured.

The main objective of Implementation Networks is to improve the capacity of European cities to implement integrated strategies for sustainable urban development.

In France, this call concerns the public entities in charge of the implementation of integrated strategies in accordance with article 7 of the ERDF regulation and/or as part of “city challenges”.

The call for proposal is available here. the deadline to submit a proposal is set to for 3 pm on the 22nd of June. The General Commission for Territorial Equality will organize a workshop on the 13th of April to assist French public entities that wish to participate to this call.

Click here to check our URBACT III information sheet.


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