Erasmus + Programme: The number of participants has never been more important

January 26, 2017

Hat: Erasmus + Annual Report for 2015 was published by the European Commission today and shows that 678 000 european were able to study, train, work and volunteer abroad in 2015 thanks to the program.

Funding Scheme: 2017-01-26

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The EU’s education and training programme, celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, is more successful and open than ever.


In 2015, the EU invested 2,1 billion euro in over 19 600 projects involving 69 000 organisations. The annual report also shows that the programme is well on track to meet its target of supporting 4 million people between 2014 and 2020. The increase in the number of participants is probably due to the possibility, since 2015 and for the first time, for higher education institutions to send and receive more than 28,000 students and staff to and from countries beyond Europe. 

Url description: Press Room - European Commission