ERC grants European young researchers

September 6, 2017

Hat: ERC grants European young researchers

Funding Scheme: 2017-09-06

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


406 young European researchers were rewarded by the European Research Council for a total of 605 million euro and up to 1,5 million euro per award. Since the beginning of its existence it has been the first time that this fund (intended to encourage research in Europe) has been awarded to as many young women, and that it has reached such a wide range of nationalities.


The new grantees will work on a wide range of topics; from health research on chronic infections or asthma, to disaster management, network security, and climate change. The funded research covers all disciplines: physical sciences and engineering, life sciences, and social science and humanities.

The grants are awarded under the ‘excellent science‘ pillar of Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme.

These Starting Grants will help the selected researchers to build their own teams, potentially engaging more than 1 500 postdocs and PhD students as ERC team members. The funding therefore contributes to supporting a new generation of top researchers in Europe.

Url description: European Research Council