ESIF contribution to the new metro line in Bulgaria

April 26, 2016

Hat: €368 million from the European Regional Development Fund will be dedicated to support the construction of the line 3 of the metro in Sofia.

Funding Scheme: 2016-04-26

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The European regional development fund (ERDF) supports projects which aim to reinforce economic, social and territorial cohesion by redressing the main regional imbalances.


Transport and mobility are important topics for the European regional policy. In this context, the European Commission has approved an investment of over €368 million from the ERDF to suppot the construction of the line 3 of the metro in the Bulgarian capital city, Sofia. This project aims to link residential districts with the centre of Sofia. This investment will enable to build almost 8 km of new line, 8 new stations and will also cover the supply of 20 metro trains.

Url description: Press room - European Commission