EU budget: a new Single Market Programme

June 12, 2018

Hat: EU budget: a new Single Market Programme

Funding Scheme: 2018-06-12

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To empower and protect consumers and enable Europe’s many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take full advantage of the smooth functioning of the single market, the European Commission has proposed a new 4 billion euro programme for the next programming period (2021-2027).


The Commission is proposing a budget of €4 billion for the Single Market Programme. In addition, €2 billion allocated under the InvestEU Fund, in particular through its Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Window, will significantly contribute to the objectives of programme.

The Single Market allows Europeans to travel freely, study, work, live and fall in love across borders. They can buy what they want, where they want, and benefit from greater choice and lower prices. European businesses – large and small – can expand their customer base and exchange products and services more easily across the EU. Simply put, the Single Market is Europe’s best asset to generate growth and foster competitiveness of European companies in globalised markets.

The new programme will strengthen the governance of the EU’s internal market. It will support businesses’ – and in particular SMEs’ – competitiveness and will promote human, animal and plant health and animal welfare, as well as establish the framework for financing European statistics.

The new Single Market Programme will support: consumer protection and empowerment; competitiveness of businesses, in particular SMEs (building on the success of the current programme COSME); a high level of human, animal and plant health; effective enforcement and first class standards; fair competition in the digital age; high quality European statistics. 

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