EU Member states unite to develop social innovation and disseminate its values throughout Europe

June 20, 2016

Hat: EU Member states unite to develop social innovation and disseminate its values throughout Europe

Funding Scheme: 2016-06-20

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


On the 4th of december 2015, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia and France have adopted a declaration to support the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, during the conference “Boosting social enterprises in Europe” organised by the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU Council.


Social and economic transition, democratic renewal, environmental imperative: social innovation is looking for solutions to tackle the issues we have to face today.

Building on the real and local needs of citizens, social innovation is a source of sustainable jobs and constitutes a powerful lever for the resilience and transformation of territories. Hence, in France, social and inclusive economy has questionned the governance and wealth distribution models in businesses, winning in social agility and performance. The result is here: inclusive and social economy has proved to be particularly robust during the crisis, weighting for 10,5% of the GDP and employing almost 2,5 million workers

In order to follow up on the dynamic launched during the “Boosting social enterprises in Europe”, the #ScaleMeUp initiative has clearly stated its intentions: allow social economy to be recognised in the EU by the end of 2016.

Therefore, the #ScaleMeUp initiative will choose 6 European cooperation projects, of which 5 will be chosen by a jury made up of representatives of the participating Member States and a 6th project chosen by the inclusive and social economy network through social media.

The 6 chosen projects will benefit of a “Scale up” support to help them develop their social innovation projects through: help with communicating on the project for greater notoriety, a funding identification support, legal councelling.

Open from the 17th of june to the 10th of september, the only conditions to be eligible: apply with a cooperation, partnership or dissemination project, with at least one social economy enterprise from the EU and another partner from another Member State (classic enterprise, local authority, university…).

Url description: Social and inclusive economy portal (Website in French)