EU report paves the way for the negotiations for an EU adhesion of Serbia

April 23, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-04-23


After the historical agreement regarding the normalisation of the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, the European Commission have given its approval for the opening of the negociation about a futur adhesion of Serbia in the European Union.
The Commission has considered in its report that Serbia now fulfilled the essential criteria of a visible and sustainable normalisation of its relationship with Kosovo, paving the way for the negociations of a future adhesion of Serbia in the European Union.


Serbia has actively and constructively engaged in the EU-facilitated dialogue with Pristina. Implementation of agreements reached in the dialogue has continued, including on integrated border management, representation of Kosovo in regional fora, protection of religious and cultural heritage sites, acceptance of university diplomas, civil registry and on customs stamps. The two sides also agreed to start customs collection and to establish a fund for the development of northern Kosovo. Serbia’s cooperation with EULEX has continued to improve in certain areas. Following the “First agreement of principles governing the normalisation of relations” initialled by the two Prime Ministers on 19 April 2013, the report therefore concludes that negotiations for EU accession should be opened with Serbia. The report also points to the efforts made by Serbia to reinvigorate reforms on the rule of law, the independence of key institutions, media freedom, anti-discrimination policy, protection of minorities and business environment, as well as to the country’s positive contribution to regional cooperation. These efforts will have yet to be sustained over time.

The report on Kosovo highlights that Kosovo has delivered on a set of short-term priorities of last year’s feasibility study in the fields of rule of law, public administration, protection of minorities and trade. The Commission therefore recommends the opening of the negotiations for a Stabilisation and Association Agreement. Such an agreement would be an important step for Kosovo on its path towards the EU: a key element of the enlargement process, it liberalises trade with the EU and establishes common political and economic goals.

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