EU unveils Security Union strategy for 2020-2025

July 27, 2020

Hat: EU unveils Security Union strategy for 2020-2025


The EU Security Strategy is intended to support the Member States in their efforts to guarantee the security of European citizens. The strategy identifies four priorities that encompass the various concerns of the EU, such as the fight against terrorism, cyber security, resilience of existing infrastructure, etc.


The four priorities of the strategy are:

– A future-proof security environment: ensured by new EU rules on the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure, both physical and digital. The establishment of a joint cyber security unit and effective public/private partnership;

– Responding to evolving threats: strengthening law enforcement capacity in digital investigations;

– Protecting Europeans against terrorism and organised crime: combating radicalisation and promoting cooperation with third countries;

– A strong European security ecosystem: by strengthening Europol and Eurojust to ensure a closer link between judicial and law enforcement authorities, and by investing in research and innovation.


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