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What are the different types of calls?

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CALLS There are different types of calls : "calls for expression of interest", "calls for proposal", "calls of tender". Do not mix up these concepts with contract or service opportunities proposed by the European Institutions and called "service call for tender".

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CALLS There are different types of calls : ‘calls for expression of interest’, ‘calls for proposal’, ‘calls of tender’. Do not mix up these concepts with contract or service opportunities proposed by the European Institutions and called ‘service call for tender’. Calls for expression of interest The ‘call for expression of interest’ covers a larger and more global scale than the calls for proposal and is published between 5 and 12 months before launching a programme. Generally published during the programme implementation, it allows the organisations interested in a specific programme to communicate their priority lines of action and to express their will to participate to the programme. Permanent calls for proposal Sometimes you can apply for programmes all the year. It often concern projects funded by Structural Funds. The applications can be submitted at any time at the local offices. Concerning the implementation of these projects and still in the frame of the structural funds, the Commission applies for the advice of each region or area which provides a Single Programme Document (SPD) in order to define their action priorities. Programming Committees gather several times a year to give an advice on the project and set programme attachments following the recommendations of the Commission. The Structural Funds report to regional competencies and are allocated by NUTS 2 (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics which corresponds to a region). In the French administrative system, it represents the county administrative board, in Germany, they are the ‘Länder’ and in Italy the provinces. In that case, you do not need to go to Brussels to discuss an objective 2 project as the local authorities will appraise the project. Calls for tender They concern the financing of public works, supplies or services. The service contracts can also be interesting for NGOs. The service tenders are submitted to a specific procedure. Series S of OJEU on internet TED database: Calls for proposals (call for projects, calls for applications) The European Commission issues a publication in which it requires for projects according to clearly defined priorities that are to be financed on precise budget. Most of the time, the call is published once a year as the programmes are multiannual. But the action priorities of a programme can evolve. Indeed, according to the evaluation of the current actions, a programme can be redirected, from one year to the other. So you ought to remain informed about the programme news: the new policy objectives of the Commision generally announce the launching of new programmes. In the framework of programmes and budget headings, the Commission often issues calls for proposal (or calls for application). The calls for proposal have a variable frequency of issue depending on the programme. When the programme combines different types of actions, several calls for proposal will be planned in advance within the year. In some exceptional cases when the global budget yearly allocated for a programme is not entirely distributed, the Commission can issue a new call for proposal. For some programmes where the implementation goes through the elaboration of a multiannual project (between 3 and 5 years), the Commission may issue a single call at the beginning of the programme implementation.

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