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Training Collaborative projects: How to set up and formalise a European Partnership?

Master the principles and practices to identify your partners

Content of the training

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Practical information

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  • 25 October 2019uk flag
  • In-house training available on this topic
    Training duration: 1 day


    Who should attend?

    Head of projects, director, head of European relations, project manager, partnership manager, employees in public , private and non profit sectors

    Why this training?

    For mastering the specific tools and the proper methodology necessary to a sound management of the partnership; because lead partner and partners have to understand the legal components of a partnership / consortium agreement.


    In-depth knowledge:
    - To discover all the existing relevant resources to find partners
    - To establish from the start a coherent structure for the partnership
    - To share the contractual obligations with all the partners
    - To understand the stake and the essential clauses to establish an agreement between the partners.
    - To know how to cope with the weakness of a partner

    Practical methodology for:
    - Identifying the different stakeholders (coordinator, partners, committees)
    - Establishing the principles and good practices of identification, organisation and leadership in a European partnership


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