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Training INTERREG : How to obtain funds for your cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation projects ?

Understand the general background of the European Territorial Cooperation.

Content of the training

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Practical information

In-house training available on this topic
Training duration: 1 day and half



Who should attend?

To any public, private or non-profit organisation willing to be subsidised for their cross-border, transnational or interregional actions in Europe.

Why this training?

Become operational and implement your crossborder, trans-national and interregional cooperation and exchange projects on subject as social affairs, health, environment and natural risk management, energy and transportation, culture and tourism, training, innovation and enterprises, ITC, etc.


Deepen your knowledge of:
- The objective of the European regional cooperation (INTERREG)
- The dfferent cooperation areas
- The rules and procedures to formalise and manage an INTERREG-funded project

Acquire a practical methodology on:
- Project definition in response to fund managers’expectations,including the key component
- The application formalisation
- The definition of the eligible previsional budget
- The specific application process and INTERREG projects audit.


- An internet subscription to more than 450 updated European funding programmes - A subscription to all EU funds alerts corresponding to your profile - and more ...


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