European Congress of Local Governments : debate about the new EU financial perspective

April 22, 2015

Hat: European Congress of Local Governments : debate about the new EU financial perspective

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On 4th and 5th May 2015 the European Congress of Local Governments will be held in Krakow. Mrs. Lorraine de Bouchony, President of Welcomeurope, will be one of the speakers of a debate about the use of funds in the context of the new EU financial perspective, which give regions more competences in the management of financial resources.


The effectiveness of using the funds will depend on how they will handle the interregional cooperation, exchange of experiences and knowledge. These subjects will be discussed in the debate “The new EU financial perspective. How to effectively use the funds?” Among speakers of this session there are: Mrs. Cristina Bargero, Member of the Finance Committee in the Italian Chamber of Deputies; Mrs. Lorraine de Bouchony, President of Welcomeurope, France; Mrs. Denitsa Nikolova, Deputy Minister in the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Marek Wozniak, Marshal of Wielkopolska Voievodship.

Education is the most expensive item on the list of government expenditure. The governmental subsidy for education is not sufficient to cover all the costs. In practical terms, over 93% of local governments spend more on education than their budgets allow. Will changes to the rules of schools’ subsidies introduced with the effect from 2015 prove the solution to the problem? Is it worthwhile to consider the alternative for educational subsidy? How education financing is handled by the other EU countries? This issue will be discussed in panel “Financing Education in Poland and Europe from the perspective of self-government.”

Increasing innovation of European regions is one of the main objectives of the EU. To achieve this, the close and active cooperation between governments, research institutions and entrepreneurs is necessary. The use of the unique capabilities and characteristics of a given region is the key to success. Local governments should not only create the conditions for the development of innovation, but above all should strengthen the competitiveness of the region. Does Poland have a chance to join the ranks of leaders? In which direction should development of cooperation between representatives of local authorities,  business and science go?

How big chance of development could creation of R & D centers bring? The answers to these questions will be sought by the speakers of the panel ” Technology parks and clusters – impact on regional development”, to which the following guests have been invited: Raffaele Buompane, Senior Adviser, The European Business & Innovation Centre Network, Belgium, Thomas Laemmer,Gamp, Director, The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, Germany, Kazimierz Murzyn, President of the Board, The Fundation Claster LifeScience Kraków, Poland, Malcolm Parry, Managing Director, The Surrey Research Park, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, Elzbieta Polak, Marshal, Lubuskie Region’s Marshal’s Office, Poland.

The Conference will be held at the ICE Kraków Congress Centre from 4th to 5th May 2015. More than 60 events will take place in 4 thematic paths entitled: Economy, Finance, Environment and Society, each consisting of: thematic blocks, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, presentations and gala ceremony. The European Congress of Local Government is organized by the Institute for Eastern Studies, the organizer of the Economic Forum in Krynica.

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