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European glossary of European Commission

You will find here all the keywords and definitions related to European affairs

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    North America Free Trade Agreement. Created in 1994, it regroups the USA, Canada and Mexico in a free-trade area.


    Each country participating in Lifelong Learning programme or 7th Framework programme for research has appointed an organisation to promote and administer the various activities (sub-programmes) funded by the EU. This organisation is called National Agency or National Contact Point (NCP).


    A system of national contact points has been established for some European programmes in each of the Member States and in certain associated States, with the aim of providing assistance and guidance on issues related to these programmes

  • NCP

    National contact point organised in a network of national information centres about FP7.


    The head lines of the: ENP – European Neighbourhood Policy) have been published in 2003. This policy aims at establishing privileged links in very specific fields (security, safety, and well-being) with the Mediterranean countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libye, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian authorities) and the Eastern European countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaïdjan). Russia is linked to the EU in the specific chapter. In 2007 the ENPI financial instrument shall cover more neighbour countries.

  • NRSF - National Strategic reference Framework

    When programming the Structural funds interventions for the period 2007-2013, Member States have to present a National Strategic reference Framework which ensures that the interventions (ERDF and ESF) are in line with the Community Cohesion policy. This framework must define the way the national strategy contributes to the European economic and social cohesion policy. This reference document also presents the preparation of the Funds programming.

  • NUTS (Nomenclature of Statistical Territorial Units)

    The European Office of Statistics Eurostat has created the Nomenclature of Statistical Territorial Units to dispose of a single and coherent scheme of territorial distribution. NUTS I: zones of study relative to regional planning. NUTS II: regions and overseas regions. NUTS III: counties.

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