European public consultation opened on Arctic policy

July 21, 2020

Hat: European public consultation opened on Arctic policy


On the 20th July, the Commission and the European External Action Service opened a consultation to reflect EU’s Arctic policy in the face of new challenges and opportunities, including the EU’s ambitions under the European Green Deal.


The consultation will help to:

  • Re-examine the role of the EU in Arctic affairs;
  • Revise the three priorities of the current Joint Communication on an integrated European Union policy for the Arctic, and the actions thereunder;
  • Identify possible new policy areas to be developed.

Fighting climate change and its impacts and protecting the environment are key objectives for the region. Promoting sustainable development in the Arctic to the benefit of those who live there, including indigenous peoples is another priority for the EU. Science, innovation and strong support for multilateral cooperation underpin the EU’s approach to the Arctic.

Url description: European Commission - Press corner