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Eu Grants for Industry

Today, a private sector employment in the European Union is located in four related services that depend on the industry as suppliers or customers. 80% of research efforts and private sector development are put to the account of the industry - it is a driver of innovation and a provider of solutions to the challenges our societies face.

General framework:

October 28, 2010, the European Commission adopted the initiative "An integrated industrial policy in the era of globalization." The key message of this paper is that Europe can not remain a global economic leader without putting the industry on center stage. This flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 sets out a strategy to stimulate growth and job creation, maintaining and supporting, in Europe, a strong industrial base, diversified and competitive offering well-paying jobs, while emitting less carbon. It is accompanied by a report on the performance in terms of competitiveness in the various Member States and the annual report on European competitiveness.

The initiative "An integrated industrial policy in the era of globalization" contains ten key actions for European industrial competitiveness. These actions include support for the creation and development of SMEs, explicit and detailed examination of the impact on the competitiveness of new legislation, the upgrading of infrastructure and services of European transport, energy and communications.

List of European funding programs available in the Industry:

•    Eureka concerns all sectors of activity, thereby allowing manufacturers and European research centers to collaborate on the basis of a bottom-up approach (the idea comes from the project owner himself) in order to culminate in a product, process or service quickly marketable to rapidly penetrate the international market.
•    Smart Car Initiative 2014-2020 grants for the development and use of integrated systems and intelligent use of new information technologies and communication.
•    Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP) promotes the competitiveness of European companies. It is mainly intended for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and supports innovation (including eco-innovation), improves access to credit and provides support services for companies in the regions.

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