European youth conference to be held in Vilnius

September 11, 2013

Hat: EU youth conference and DG meeting is an event held every year in the member state president of the EU council. The event aims to discuss the priorities of European policy for young people. Delegations from 28 member states, representatives of the European Youth Forum, the General Secretariat of the EU Council supporting the field of youth, representatives of international youth organisations, candidate countries, member states of the european economic area attend this event.

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One of the most important events of the Lithuanian presidency held in Vilnius from September 9 to 12 in the field of youth policyis the European youth conference and the Directors-General meeting. At the conference, young people discuss with trainers about youth policy on how to improve the social integration of young people (especially those who don’t study, don’t work and are not in training) both in the labor market and in the education system and social life.
During the preparation of this conference, we hadr interviewed more than 20 000 youth across the EU (over 3500 in Lithuania) who have proposed solutions to improve the situation of young people.
The EU Youth Conference will end September 12th with the adoption of a consistent set of conclusions. These recommendations will contribute to the preparation of the draft conclusions on strengthening the social inclusion of young people who don’t work, don’t study and are not training.