Europe’s Natura 2000 network in Spain

January 22, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-01-22


The “Conéctate a la Red Natura (LIFE11 INF/ES/000665)” project that is part of the Europe’s Natura 2000 network in Spain which was launched this month in the UE biodiversity strategy will be financed by LIFE Information & Communication programme. It aims at making the Spanish citizens aware of the importance of biodiversity for environment.


The project was launched earlier this month (January 2013) by high profile figures including Mr Arias Cañete, Spain’s Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The initiative, which will receive €1.075 million of co-funding from LIFE, out of a total budget of €2.15 million, has a busy programme of awareness-raising activities running until March 2017.

Work being rolled out during this period will include a network of national and international events, specially-commissioned television and radio programmes and a range of periodicals aimed at different target audiences. All of these information tools shall share a common goal of highlighting the long-term and short-term benefits to Spain’s population from conserving its biodiversity.

Social media is expected to play a key role in the awareness-raising campaign, which will underscore the Natura 2000 network’s potential as an effective tool for creating jobs and helping to tackle the economic crisis.

Referring to this point Minister Cañete said at the project launch, “Let us join forces to make society aware of the great wealth that the Natura 2000 network holds for our country.”

Url description: European Commission Press