Fast Track to Innovation: More than 260 innovative proposals

May 31, 2019

Hat: Fast Track to Innovation: More than 260 innovative proposals

Funding Scheme: 2019-05-27

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is now a central part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot, targeting radically new, breakthrough products, services, processes or business models that open up new markets.


The European Commission received 261 proposals for Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) before the latest cut-off date on 25 May 2019. The proposals include participants from 28 countries, the largest number of proposals being submitted by Spanish, Italian and Dutch applicants.

FTI promotes close-to-the market innovation activities open to all types of participants. The programme offers 3 million euro to consortia composed of 3 to 5 partners including mainly industrial participants.

FTI also aims to nurture trans-disciplinary and cross-sector approaches. All kinds of innovation actors can work together to develop sustainable innovations addressing societal needs or areas under ‘Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies’ and, at the same time, create viable business opportunities. This is why FTI projects must be business-driven and clearly demonstrate a realistic potential for quick deployment and market take-up of innovations.

Results will be available in autumn 2019, before new calls for proposals are published.

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