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Effectively anticipating the opportunities – Environmental and future scanning

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Welcomeurope draws on some of its expertise with European Union funds and policies to design tailored environmental scanning tools.

Welcomeurope's scanning tools are designed on the basis of 3 principles: properly decoded information, correct interpretation of possible opportunities and wise and practical advice.

Welcomeurope provides you with what you need to take action on a European scale in your sector using your own means.

To find out about current European events in your sector and engage in lobbying for operational purposes: to position your organisation, influence political decisions, obtain funds, secure good partnerships and learn how your competitors/partners act, on the basis of the future scanning work undertaken by Welcomeurope.

Areas covered
Directives, competition, finance and calls for proposals, calls for papers/expressions of interest and possibly position papers, decisions and current work of the European Union in a given sector, etc.

Weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletter and push e-mails from the moment the strategic information becomes known.

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“Welcomeurope demonstrates great professionalism, thoroughness and competence.Welcomeurope is completely dedicated to the client, showing a low profile to better highlight our company's assets. We are really into a mature philosophy of efficient services.”

Frederique BISTON, Senior Vice President and Head of Volvo Group EU Representation in Brussels.

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