Future of CAP and accessibility to water

March 22, 2018

Hat: Future of CAP and accessibility to water

Funding Scheme: 2018-03-22

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The farmer consumes large quantities of water. Indeed, on average, 44% of total water use in Europe is on agriculture, reaching up to 80% in some regions.
However, without adequate access to quality water, European agriculture can be under threat.


The common agricultural policy’s rural development programmes play a role in promoting sustainable water usage. Funded by the European agricultural fund for rural development and managed by the Member States in collaboration with the Commission, the programmes are designed around six priorities, one of which is the promotion of resource efficiency.

EU research and innovation in the sector is also helping in making water consumption more efficient. Through funds such as Horizon2020, support is given to projects innovating and using precision farming to improve water usage.

Finally, the future CAP should invest in research and innovation to address the threat of water avaibility and quality.

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