Galileo is interested in Outer Space

January 24, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-01-24


European satellite radio-navigation programme, Galileo, allocated its Search and Rescue (SAR) system for spac.The latter acquires operational capacity to detect distress signals through the satellite beacons that send the location data to search andrescue teams.


The second pair of Galileo satellites is the first of the constellation to host Search and Rescue (SAR) repeaters which can pickup UHF signals from emergency beacons aboard ships or aircrafts and relay them to local authorities for rescue.

The international SAR system is accountable for saving about 31,000 lives over more than three decades.

Further SAR payloads will follow these first two into orbit with the launches of follow-on Galileo Final Operational Capability satellites.

Url description: European Commission Press