Greek Presidency Priorities for research and space

January 23, 2014

Funding Scheme: 2014-01-23

Pgm2014 2020: Yes

Ispcrd: Yes


The priorities of Greek Presidency for the Research and Space presented by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Mr Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos, to the Commitee ITRE of the European Parliament.


Key points:

The Greek Presidency will highlight its catalytic role for the development, the contribution to the creation of the European economy of the future, the ensurance of the global competitiveness of Europe and the creation of new jobs.

The Greek Presidency will complete the Innovation Package, which as presented by the European Commission, includes 9 acts, to operate 4 large Public to Public- and 5 Public to Private Partnerships.

Based on them, Europe is expected to enhance the global competitiveness in key sectors and create thousands of jobs on areas such as:

– Bio-based industries

– Innovative Medicines

– Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

– Aeronautical Technology

– Electronic components and systems

– Metrology

– Active and supported living, especially for the elderly

– Clinical trials

– Programme for SMEs

Additionally, the Greek Presidency aims to complete the adoption process of public-private partnerships for aviation-SESAR.

In addition to these files the Greek Presidency will start the political dialogue for a Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on research and innovation. It is a vision that we have had for several years and we believe that we can now proceed with its implementation.

Furthermore, the Greek Presidency recognising the need to establish a reliable space awareness capability so as to protect critical space infrastructures, which contribute to citizens’ security and well-being, intends to complete the political dialogue with the European Parliament, in order to ensure the emergence of a Space Surveillance and Tracking capacity at a European level.

The Greek Presidency will therefore ensure the implementation of the “Horizon 2020“.

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