“Horizon 2020 ” and FP7 integrates the Space Research

January 25, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-01-25


The workshop “Horizon 2020 “on Space Research and Technology Development (RTD) which will be organised by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry. treat two topics : the first concerning the Space Technology will be held on 30-31 January in Brussels. While the second entitled Space Science and Exploration, will take place on 18-19 February  in Madrid.


The first workshop is on Space Technology (Brussels, 30-31 January 2013) and the second is on Space Science and Exploration (Madrid, 18-19 February 2013).

To ensure a balanced participation, and given the limited number of places available, a selection may have to be made amongst those expressing an interest in contributing to this debate.

These workshops constitute an additional stage to the consultation process that started with the “Hearing on Space Research in FP8”, which was held on 8 December 2010, and that has continued with the recent recommendations issued by the FP7 Space Advisory Group. Since then, we have been involved in a continuous process of meeting with the major European Space representatives (Academia, Industry and Space Research Institutions).

The purpose of these workshops is to directly consult the Space Research community, so as to gather their input on the Commission’s proposal for Space Research under Horizon 2020 and the corresponding implementation strategy.

Space Research in Horizon 2020 – Recommendations of the Space Advisory Group: Executive Summary [337 KB]   Space Research in Horizon 2020 – Recommendations of the Space Advisory Group

  The Space Advisory Group (SAG) is a formal expert advisory group of the European Commission, and acts on the request of the Commission. However, the opinions expressed in the report are those of the authors and do not constitute European Commission opinions or policy.

 6th FP7 Space call for proposals launched on 10th July – € 126 million to support research

–  Eye on Space: discover the latest Space Research projects funded under the 4th FP7 Space call, in the newest edition of the series.

– Let’s embrace space: Book with scientific papers onresearch results under the FP7 Space Programme.

– Embrace Space” smartphone application now available: Discover the exciting FP7 space research projects supported by the European Union on your smartphone (iPhone & Android)

– Air Quality iPhone app now available:  the “obsAIRve App” is a free application for the iPhone delivering real-time information on air quality. Users can find information about the air they breathe on-the-go using the iPhone.

Space is a strategic asset for Europe

The European Commission’s Space Research and Development activities are coordinated within the framework of the overallEuropean Space Policy, complementing the efforts of Member States and of other key players, including the European Space Agency.

The Space Theme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) is implemented with the objective to support a European Space Policy. The work programme focuses on applications such as GMES – Global Monitoring for Environment and Security, but also areas like space science, space technologies and space transportation (strengthening ‘space foundations’) for enhancing the competitiveness of the European space industry.

Europe has been active in the space sector for several decades, and activities encompass a wide spectrum ranging from launchers and space exploration to application satellites providing new services to society. Space activities, through scientific research and especially through their direct applications, are acknowledged as strategic for the European Union.

Support by the EU in the field of Space Research and Development encourages the research community as well as the private sector to intensify their efforts and investments. Sustaining a competitive industry (including manufacturers, service providers and operators) and providing appropriate services and infrastructures requires a sustained level of research into new technologies and their exploitation.

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