Industrial transition: 4.8 million euro to support 12 pilot schemes

May 14, 2019

Hat: Industrial transition: 4.8 million euro for supporting 12 pilot schemes

Funding Scheme: 2019-05-08

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


In the current 2014-2020 programming period, €120 billion of the total allocation is targeted on helping regions to become more innovative and competitive. Cohesion Policy, especially the ERDF, has a long experience in supporting the sustainable industrial transition of European regions and cities. 


The Commission presented the first results of an initiative launched a year ago to support 10 EU regions and two Member States in industrial transition. Indeed, These 12 regions and Member States all lost industrial jobs in the past 15 years and are struggling to enter in a dynamic industrial transition.

Each of these schemes presented today will receive a €300,000 EU grant.

The European Commission is providing more than €90 billion of cohesion funding for research, innovation and small and medium businesses in the next long-term EU budget to support regions in their industrial transition.

Url description: Press room - European Commission