Info day on the call for “competitive low-carbon energy” (distribution grids and retail)

February 10, 2014

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


An information day on the “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” strand of the Horizon 2020 programme is set to happen on Wed, 12 February 2014. The complete name of this information Day is : Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy – LCE 7 – 2014: Distribution grid and retail market. Participants will benefit from a presentation on the Innovation Actions as well as on the Coordination and Support Action invited for submission under LCE 7 – 2014: Distribution grid and retail market. A networking session will open the floor for participants who wish to present their ideas for innovation, respectively coordination and support actions’ proposals linked to the call for proposals H2020, Smart, green and integrated transports, strand distribution grid and retail market.

The topics above might also be of interest to the Social Sciences and Humanities community involved in societal research that needs to be integrated into the market uptake part, addressing concerns about data security, public acceptance and ensure that citizens see the clear financial benefit of the proposed solution(s).