Interreg Manche-Channel: €223 million of EU funds

October 28, 2015

Hat: New funds for cross-border initiatives

Funding Scheme: 2015-10-28

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The Commission has adopted today the new cross-border programme (Interreg) “Manche-Channel” between France and United Kingdom for a total amount of more than 315 million euro, of which 223 million euro from the European Regional Development Fund


Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Crețu said that cross-border programmes are one of the most tangible examples of the EU’s work to help citizens address shared challenges and achieve common goals with shared resources. The programme adopted today will allow the regions on either side of the Channel to work together in the promotion of smart and sustainable growth. They expect nearly 24 million people in these regions to benefit from the projects funded on the back of today’s decision.

This programme will support innovation in regions bordering the Channel, especially through increased transfers of knowledge between the private sector and academia. It will also support the low carbon economy and promote the regions’ natural and cultural assets. Finally the programme will foster cross-border initiatives to enhance and protect the regions’ shared water ecosystems.

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