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List of interviews on European grants

Which theme for the European Year 2009?


Aurélie Martin HidalgoHead of the European year to the Commission

1. Why does the European Commission organize an European Year and which theme was chosen for 2009?
The European Commission chooses every year in partnership with the European Council and Parliament a theme for the European Year. This initiative aims at informing the European citizens of one of the major specific challenges of the European Union by organizing debates, conferences, ...

What is the "Ile-de-France Europe" Representation ?


Françoise Chotard, director of the "Ile-de-France Europe" Representation

1. Which collectivities are represented by "Ile-de-France Europe" ?
Our constituent local communities are the Ile-de-France Region and fives regional councils, namely, Seine et Marne, Essonne, Seine Saint Denis, Val de Marne et Val d'Oise. The door is opened to the other subdivisions administered by a prefect which wish it too.

what is Welcomeurope's function ?


Interview of Lorraine de Bouchony, co-funder of Welcomeurope

The wish to bring together in concrete terms actors in the field and the Institutions of the European expansion. . Indeed, after an experience within the European Commission in 1995, I realized that the main work of the Commission officers was to formalize the implementation of the European Policies instruments for professional organizations. Moreover, we noticed that the Institution was absolu...

How to lead an External Cooperation European Project?


Interview of Malgorzata HISZKA, Head of Training Department Welcomeurope

What is a European funding programme?

It is an instrument set up by the European Commission to allow projects leaders to participate in projects co-financed by the Community budget while translating political and strategic objectives of the European Union undertaken notably at European Summits. These goals have been recently defined for the ongoing 2007/2013 period.

How to get european funds in the fields of environment and sustainable development?


Jean Pierre Dutruge, Managing director of ENVIROPEA

ENVIROPEA is mandated by the french Ecology, Energy, Sustainability and Territory Development Ministry. What is your field of action for the projects leaders?

Each year, since 2003, the EESTM has entrusted us an assistance mission to organisations expecting to submit an application under the LIFE programme (and now LIFE +). In 2008, this mission has been enlarged to the whole...

CORDIS : The european interface on european R&D


Interview of M. Philippe Lebaube Head of Unit - CORDIS

What is CORDIS and why was it created? ?

The CORDIS designation is an acronym of « Community Research & Development Information Service ». Managed by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, it is an information platform on research and development which is the official source of information on the seventh framework programme (FP7). The mission of this ...

Comments on the Common Agricultural Policy in the European Union


Marjorie JOUEN - Consultant for Notre Europe

Could you please present your structure, its special features, and its mission regarding the « European Unit » ?
Located in Paris, Notre Europe is a « think tank », or a powerhouse, dedicated to European issues. At the creation in 1996, a few months after the term of office of the President of the European Commission, Jacques Delors wished to make of Notre Europe a working ...

European grants: the experience of


Alexandre HEULLY - Communication Manager of

Could you please present your structure and the special features that make CafeBabel original among the European media ? is the first European magazine translated in 6 languages on Internet (English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Italian) that targets the « eurogeneration », young Europeans from 18 to 30 years old. Created in 2001 by Erasmus students, cafeb...

The new European initiative in the field of Micro Credit: JASMINE


Philippe DELVAUX - Principal Administrator, Directorate General for Regional Policy, Unit D3 - Financial Engineering

Could you present JASMINE?

You should remind November 13th 2007, when the European Commission adopted a communication intended to promote development of micro-credit as a growth and job creator instrument in Europe. The European Commission conducted an examination of the situation and concluded that it was necessary to launch an action in partnership with the European Investmen...

Eurofunding 2009: the essential tool for the european project leader


Dominique Guillard, Head of Welcomeurope Eurofunding 2009 Services

What is your role within Welcomeurope?

I am in charge of the whole Eurofunding 2009 services published by Welcomeurope, in order to meet the needs of our clients. In fact, our tools daily evolve, regularly offering new tools and services, according to our suscribers'suggestions. The European Fundings may be difficult to clearly understand, that is the reason why I try to ad...


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