Join the debate on the future of Europe !

October 7, 2013

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Politicians from the European Commission will be coming to a city near you to listen to what you think about your rights and the future of the European Union.
European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has called for a debate on his proposals to deepen Economic and Monetary Union, and on the creation of a legitimate political union.
The Commission is following up by launching a series of citizens’ dialogues in every EU country over the next 15 months.
Now is your chance to speak directly to EU politicians about your rights, the kind of Europe you want to live in, and your expectations for the European Union.
The “citizens’ dialogues” are open to everyone and will be broadcast live on the Internet. Participants will include locally, regionally and nationally elected politicians.
The dialogues are also part of the 2013 European Year of Citizens: an entire year dedicated to your rights as a European citizen.
Your opinions will feed into future Commission proposals on strengthening your rights, and a Union where those rights are fully respected.
The Commission wants to talk with you. Make sure your voice is heard.