Juncker Plan: 120 million euro for the renovation of a Dutch hospital

May 23, 2019

Hat: Juncker Plan: 120 million euro for the renovation of a Dutch hospital

Funding Scheme: 2019-05-23

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


As part of the European Strategic Investment Fund, the European Investment Bank has granted a loan of 120 million euro to the Dutch Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep Hospital.


This loan aims to support the Hospital for the renovation of the Den Helder location, the construction of the first phase in the Alkmaar location, the construction of an underground parking garage in Alkmaar, the renovation of the Westerlicht home and the implementation of an electronic medical records system.

The EIB makes long-term financing available for sustainable investment projects that contribute to the policy goals of the European Union. Last year, the EIB made available around €2 billion for projects in the Netherlands alone.

As for the Juncker Plan, this mobilised nearly 400 billion euros of additional investment in May 2019, including 11.7 billion euro in Netherlands. So far, the projects and agreements approved for financing under EFSI are expected to mobilise €398.6 billion of investment and support 949,000 SMEs in the 28 Member States. 

Url description: Press room - European Commission

Url: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/news/investeu-european-support-dutch-noordwest-ziekenhuisgroep-2019-may-22_en