“Living well, within the limits of our planet” : the 7th Environment Action Programme draft adopted

March 22, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-03-22

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The European Economic and Social Comittee welcomes the adoption of the Commission draft of the 7th Environment Action Programme.


Entitled “Living well, within the limits of our planet”, it aims at implement a concrete action plan to address the Horizon 2020 objectives. It stresses the difficulties found when implementing a genuine European environmental legislation and establishes a consensus between the EU’s decision making institutions on the reality of the environmental issues.

This programme is divided into 9 priority objectives, including 3 central thematic objectives:

– To protect, conserve and enhance the EU’s natural capital

– To turn the EU into a resource-efficient, green and competitive lowcarbon economy

 – To safeguard EU citizens from environment-related pressures and risks to health and wellbeing

In the light of the Europe 2020 Strategy these objectives should stimulate a green, inclusive, sustainable growth and create new jobs in Europe, as well as making Europe a better and healthier place to live.

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Url: http://www.eesc.europa.eu/?i=portal.en.nat-opinions.27073