Make best use of every euro and combat fraud

February 1, 2016

Hat: Make best use of every euro and combat fraud, say budgetary control MEPs

Funding Scheme: 2016-02-01

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In a resolution passed by the Budgetary Control Committee on Thursday, MEPs urge EU member states to claw back EU funds lost through fraud or irregular spending, and the EU Commission to use its executive powers to help them to fight fraud and tax avoidance.


The resolution, on how EU funds were spent in 2014, also asks the Commission to assess member states’ corruption-fighting performance each year and to maintain its strict policy on suspending payments in the event of spending irregularities.

Up to 80% of EU budget spending is managed by member states in areas such as agriculture, growth and employment aid to EU regions (European Structural and Investment funds).

But the European Commission is ultimately responsible for this spending and should claw back all unduly paid funds, whether resulting from error, irregularity or deliberate fraud. National governments are also responsible for protecting EU financial interests, which involves cooperation with the Commission and its Anti-Fraud Office(OLAF).


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