New co-financing worth €1.3 million for the Port of Dunkirk

February 26, 2014

Funding Scheme: 2014-02-26

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


In order to mitigate trafic bottlenecks between the port and its hinterland, the EU will grant the harbour of Dunkirk with €1.3 million from the TEN-T Programme. The money will be funneled towards a project aiming at optimizing the existing roll-on/roll-off terminal of the port.


The project specifically concerns works to better optimise the space and traffic flow of the Port’s ro-ro terminal. The aim is to build a completely redesigned ro-ro terminal to improve efficiency, smoothen the traffic flow, reduce the stopover time of vessels and increase frequencies.

Due to the current terminal’s design, the stopover time is two hours with 12 calls per day, which does not provide margin for development or growth. Reducing the stopover time will permit the number of calls per day to be extended to 13 or 14. This development is important to the Port, which the third largest French maritime port, handling around 7,000 ships a year.

To achieve this objective the Port of Dunkirk requires the reorganisation of the terminal platform layout, the relocation of facilities and the installation of technical facilities.

Since the Port plans to pursue ro-ro traffic growth, the works will help to alleviate the existing bottlenecks that slow down the traffic flow between the ro-ro terminal and the hinterland. Their completion is expected to also have a positive impact on maritime transport and the environment.

The project was selected for funding under the 2012 TEN-T Annual Call.

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