New EU investment for Poland

June 20, 2018

Hat: New EU investment for Poland

Funding Scheme: 2018-06-20

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The EU funds invest in order to upgrade public transport and water treatment in the cities of Łódź and Poznań. 


Under the Cohesion Fund, the investment amounts to 94 million euro aiming at modernising the public transport system in Łódź, Poland’s third largest city. New kilometres of tram lines are constructed, existing tram depots are renovated, and 30 new trams are purchased. The investments will make the network safer, the air cleaner and will improve traffic flows, for the direct benefit of the city’s 700,000 inhabitants.

Further 55 million euro is invested to upgrade the drinking water and waste water system in Poznań, in the West of Poland. Two wastewater treatment plants and several kilometres of sewerage networks are renovated, as well as 126 kilometres of sewerage newly built to connect more than 14,000 inhabitants to the networks. In addition, a drinking water station is modernised to ensure the quality and safety of fresh water supply for a third of Poznan’s more than half a million inhabitants.

Url description: Press room - European Commission