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Monday, May 22, 2017

40 million euro of EU funds to connect Slovenian and Croatian electricity grids

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News An agreement will be signed to provide 40 million euro from the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) in order to support the use of renewable energy in the region and smart grids project that enhances links between the electricity grids of Slovenia and Croatia.

The project will integrate several innovative technologies to ensure that grids have the capacity to efficiently transmit electricity across the border between the two countries. The project will also ensure that more energy can be generated by smaller, local power sources. In addition, it will increase energy storage capacity in the region, so that energy generated can be kept in reserve for when it is most needed. Once complete, the project will also improve security of energy supply in the region.

The project will receive EU funding as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) and the new technologies applied in this project have the potential to be used to connect other regional energy systems in Europe. 

Source :  DG ENERGY




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