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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cohesion Fund: 411 million euro invested for the renovation of the railway network in Łódź area

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News The Cohesion Fund will invest €411 million in order to allow renovations of the railway network in Łódź area (3rd largest city of Poland).

Łódź has 2 main stations, Łódź Fabryczna et Łódź Kaliska, that are currently not directly connected. It is a major obstacle to transportation development in the area, and it also has a big impact on Łódź citizens.

This investment from the Cohesion fund will enable a direct connection between these 2 main stations by an underground tunnel and will continue to the West station. It will also enable the construction of 2 other stations.

This investment aims to offer a faster and more efficient transportation system to the citizens of Łódź. This system should also be more eco-friendly, and it might boost Łódź's local economy as well as local tourism.

Source :  Press room - European Commission

More information  Cohesion Fund: €411 million invested in Poland for the reconstruction of the railway network in Łódź area - Newsroom


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