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Friday, February 21, 2020

Digital Europe: the future of artificial intelligence and data

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News The main lines of the European commission's digital strategy were presented yesterday. The goal is to catch up with the American and Chinese giants, leading in the field of AI and data.

In the face of the American and Chinese mastodons, Europe wants to build a "responsible" and "trustworthy" digital society in order to preserve its sovereignty. On Wednesday 19 February the European Commission unveiled its digital strategy - a sector defined as a priority among the political orientations of the new President Ursula von der Leyen, until 2024.

Creation of a "single data market"
Data sharing is foreseen as the cornerstone of this strategy. This is why the Commission proposes the creation of a "European Data Area and a Single Market for Data". In detail, it wants to establish a new regulatory framework to allow the free movement of data within the Union between companies. It also proposes to facilitate this sharing between private companies and public bodies.

4 to 6 billion euros for infrastructures
What remains to be done is to convince European companies to give access to their valuable data - the regulatory framework should not be binding. The new rules will have to address data governance, accessibility and re-use between businesses, between businesses and administrations and within administrations, according to the Commission.

Source :  Euractiv


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