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Monday, February 22, 2010

EU agencies engage in dialogue with EC President Barroso

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News The heads of European Union Agencies used the important opportunity for a dialogue with European Commission President Barroso to strengthen the partnership with the EU Instititutions.

The 28 EU agencies were established to help implement EU policies more efficiently and to respond to particular needs identified by the EU institutions. In recognition of the critical role of the Parliament and Council in shaping the renewed institutional framework, members of the European Parliament and representatives of the Spanish Presidency also participated in the meeting in Brussels. In its Communication “European agencies – the way forward” of March 2008, the European Commission called upon the European Parliament and Council to give a new momentum to the development of a clear and coherent vision on the place of agencies in European governance. Today’s discussions will feed into the inter-institutional dialogue on the future governance of the EU Agencies, which involves an evaluation of existing Agencies and reflections on changes which could be made to improve the system in the future. The Agencies represent a significant presence within the EU with, in 2008, a combined staff of more than 4,460 people and a combined budget of around €1.24 billion, representing just 1.03% of the overall EU budget of that year.

Source :  The European Training Foundation

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