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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The European Commission welcomes adoption of the Fiscalis 2013 Programme by the Council

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News The new programme aims at providing Member States with means to better combat tax fraud and to cut compliance costs for traders in the VAT and excise duties areas .

It will continue to stimulate cooperation between tax authorities and assist them in developing an appropriate balance between efficiency of controls and burdens on taxable persons. It will also contribute to the development and management of trans-European IT tax systems. The Fiscalis 2013 programme will continue the works undertaken under the Fiscalis 2007 programme. Main objectives of the Fiscalis 2013 programme are: * Enhancing the fight against tax fraud, in particular against "VAT carrousel fraud"; * Reducing the administrative burden on administrations and taxable persons; * Ensuring a performing exchange of information between national tax administrations as well as with traders through e.g. trans-European tax IT systems. At an operational level, the new programme would in particular: * Boost the effectiveness of the tax administrations via the automation of audit tools; * Enhance the existing trans-European tax IT systems (in particular VIES); * Support the implementation of the Excise Movement Control System (e.g. allowing reduced time for discharge of excise movements of goods to traders) as from mid 2009; * Support the development of training tools available to all tax administrations.

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