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Friday, December 17, 2010

Montenegro secures candidate status to the European Union

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News Friday, December 17th 2010, leaders of the European Union decided to grant the status of Montenegro candidate country for accession to the EU, to which Montenegro has aspired since 2008. It occured during the final declarations of the EU summit in Brussels that the leaders have said it was "decided to grant Montenegro the status of candidate country." A date will then be set for the formal opening of negotiations.

Commissioner Füle congratulates Montenegro for securing candidate status "I welcome today's decision of the European Council to grant Montenegro the status of candidate country, as recommended by the Commission in its Opinion of 9 November 2010. This reflects the recognition by the EU of the progress made by Montenegro in its preparation for future EU membership. It is a powerful demonstration of the credibility of our enlargement policy, which delivers results in Brussels when reforms take place at home – i.e. in Montenegro. We hope that today's decision will give new impetus to the country's EU-related reforms, especially with respect to the key priorities identified by the Commission as instrumental to preparing the country for the opening of its accession negotiations with the EU."

Source :  European Commission - Pressroom

More information  European Commission - Pressroom


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