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Monday, April 26, 2004

New approaches to Vocational training through sport

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News Sport undeniably instils 'noble' values: team spirit, a spirit of share and share alike, self-confidence and a moral, healthy life in which the individual excels himself are all virtues to be found in Baron de Courbertin's original Olympic Charter of 1896.

In this humanist vision, the values inculcated by sport transcend the 'stadium' and become essential to the creation of individuals and the social fabric. Thus, when those values take the form of competences that can be reused in daily life as well as in professional life, should not they appear in one way or another in the curriculum? Turning the question round, is it not possible to use sport as an educational tool in order to impart certain competences or values that are professionally necessary? Is this not precisely what we mean by vocational training? On the other hand, now that sport is big business, do its excesses call into question the validity and quality of the virtues it instils? All these questions will be discussed at the next Agora Thessaloniki conference 'New approaches to VET through sport' to be held on 10 and 11 May 2004 at Cedefop's (Thessaloniki, Greece) premises To take part in the conference:

Source :  CEDEFOP Conference




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