ONE Conference

March 7, 2014

Hat: Synergies between Regional Policy and Horizon 2020

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The data-driven economy can provide Europe with a chance to emerge from the multifaceted crisis with new capabilities. Are Europeans ready for the Data Revolution? Are politicians able to make informed choices and manage changes? The ONE Conference is facilitating the joint effort of EU partners to build links between information networks and ICT Observatories for reaching ambitious common objectives of Europe 2020. The conference will take place in the context of the entry into force of the new programming period, which brings new investment budgets for Member States, seeking synergies between Regional Policy and Horizon 2020 in order to maximise the innovation opportunities. 

A special bonus of this year is the EULF post-conference workshop on Friday April 25th, which will present and discuss key benefits of the European Union Location Framework from the perspectives of public administrations and the geographic information sector. The workshop  will help to identify barriers in delivering benefits, and to provide recommendations on what could be done to overcome these barriers.