May 5, 2015

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The OPEN DAYS Brussels-based events will consist of an opening session (12 October), followed by some 100 working sessions (workshops or debates, 13-15 October).

With the headline of ‘Europe’s regions and cities: partners for investment and growth’ 2015 will be structured around three thematic priorities:

1 ‘Modernising Europe’: The regions in the energy Union and the single digital market
2 ‘Regions open for business’: SME development, innovation and job creation
3 ‘Places and spaces’: Urban and rural development; urban-rural integration

Under the three sub-themes, participants are invited to address challenges and solutions related to management and implementation issues as well as the cross-border, inter-regional or transnational dimension.

The detailed OPEN DAYS 2015 Brussels-based programme of workshops will be published on this website early July 2015.