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Grants to support European companies in South East Asia through business missions


The EU Gateway programme exists since 1994 notably with the former EXPROM action. This new EU Gateway programme helps European companies in Japon and in Korea. The new programming will focus on technologies.


* To open opportunities for European companies to develop their business in Japan and Korea

Actions financées

* Business Missions: each Business Mission includes one Business Week in Japan or Korea.

Business missions

* The Programme aims to organise around 30 missions to Japan and 15 to Korea * Missions will be arranged according to economic sector *Missions will accommodate up to 40 EU companies for Japan and up to 30 EU companies for Korea.

Economic sectors

* Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
* Healthcare and Medical technology * Construction and Building technology * Fashion Design * Interior Design
* Environmental and Energy-related technology
* Healthcare and Medical technology * Construction and Building technology
EU companies can participate in up to three Business Missions. Participants in the EU Gateway Programme will be coached by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals in the business environment of these dynamic markets.

Beneficiaries: Corporations, SMEs

Sectors: Co-op & Development, Economy - Finances, Education - Training, New technologies, SME Policy, Trade

Regions: Asia, European Union

Free access: Yes

Legal base:

Name: Teo Hui Hiang

Email: huihiang.teo@eubusinessavenues.com

Phone number: +65 6290 5852

Site: https://www.eu-gateway.eu/