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Grants to support EU companies in Korea by training sessions


The EU Gateway programme exists since 1994 notably with the former EXPROM action. The new programme launched in 2016 will offer business missions to Korea. Each business mission accommodates up to 50 European companies.


* To open opportunities for European companies to develop their business in Korea.

Actions financées

* Business Missions: each Business Mission includes one Business Week in Korea.

Business missions

* EU Gateway │Business Avenues will organise up to 44 business missions between 2016 and 2020. Selected European companies will get the opportunity to participate in a one-week business mission focused on a specific sector:
* Green Energy Technologies
* Environment & Water Technologies
* Healthcare & Medical Technologies
* Construction & Building Technologies
* Information & Communication Technologies
* Contemporary European Design
* Food & Beverages (Organic only in Korea)
* Services



Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Local and Regional authorities, Schools, SMEs, Universities

Sectors: Co-op & Development, Economy - Finances, Education - Training, New technologies, SME Policy, Trade

Regions: Asia, European Union

Next funding alert: 2019

Free access: Yes

Legal base:

Name: Piero ZILIO

Email: piero.zilio@eu-gateway.eu

Phone number: +32 (0) 2 282 03 21

Site: https://www.eu-gateway.eu/content/korea

Organisation: Central Management Unit - Brussels

Department: Programme Manager