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The Trust Fund primarly addresses longer-term resilience needs of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, as well as supporting host communities and their administrations.


With its target of 1 billion euro in funding, it is the appropriate instrument for an effective and joint response by the EU, its Member States, and other donors in the coming months and years to the migration crisis and the displacement and destabilisation caused by the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

– Promoting educational, protection and engagement opportunities for children and young people in line with
the No Lost Generation initiative in order to contribute to achieving the London conference commitment that by the end of the 2016/17 school year 1.7 million children – all refugee children and vulnerable children in host communities – will be in quality education with equal access for girls and boys, and to prepare young people for work, by increasing access to vocational training
– Reduce the pressure on countries hosting refugees by investing in livelihoods and social cohesion and supporting them in providing access to jobs and education that will benefit both refugees and host communities. The aim is to provide a lasting benefit for host countries as well as the tools for Syrians to re build their own country once they are able to return.

– The most critical needs and gaps for stabilisation and resilience aid to refugee and host communities in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt, also with a view to reduce human trafficking and pressure on refugees to seek illegal migration to Europe, including by supporting the long term capacity of host states to address refugee flows
– Displaced persons’ needs, in particular education for children and vocational training or retraining for adults focusing on the jobs needed in a post conflict environment. Such vocational training should include training for women in order to boost their economic and social role in post-conflict reconstruction.
– Exploring further possibilities to support neighbouring countries and universities in providing higher education services to Syrian students, as well as further opportunities for Syrian students and researchers through scholarships in Europe and vocational training opportunities in the region.
– In Iraq, providing seed money in the effort to link development with humanitarian assistance. Such linkages need to build on existing support and be widened as soon as possible to support conditions of protracted displacement and in preparation for the IDPs return to their homes, in order to lay the foundations for stability and sustainable economic growth.
– In Syria, reinforced resilience / recovery assistance such as targeted EU or Member State funded activities supporting local communities and social actors


Depending on project

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, Non-profit organisations

Sectors: Co-op & Development, Humanitarian, Local development

Regions: Gulf countries

Free access: Yes

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Email: NEAR-EUTF-SYRIA@ec.europa.eu

Site: http://ec.europa.eu/enlargement/neighbourhood/countries/syria/madad/index_en.htm

Organisation: COMMISSION

Department: DG for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations