State of the Union 2018: Towards a new “Africa – Europe Alliance”

September 12, 2018

Hat: State of the Union 2018: Towards a new "Africa - Europe Alliance"

Funding Scheme: 2018-09-12

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The European Commission proposed a new “Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investments and Jobs” aiming at boosting private investment in Africa, boosting trade, creating jobs and investing in education and skills.


The package adopted today is based on the commitments made at the African Union – European Union summit held last November in Abidjan, during which the two continents decided to strengthen their partnership. It sets out the main strands of action for a strengthened economic program for the EU and its African partners including:
-stimulating strategic investments and strengthen the role of the private sector
-investing in the human by investing in education and skills
-strengthening the business environment and the investment climate
-exploit fully the potential of economic integration and trade
-mobilising a large envelope of financial resources

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