The European Parliament announces the finalist of the LUX prize for cinema

July 25, 2013

Funding Scheme: 2013-07-24


The three finalist films of the 2013 edition of the LUX Prize are: “Miel,” “The Broken Circle Breakdown” and “The Selfish Giant”.
The LUX Prize aims to support films participating to the European debate on social and political issues.
LUX Prize winners do not receive direct subsidies but the European Parliament ensure the realization of subtitles in all 23 official EU languages and thus contributes to a better distribution of the film.


These movies tackle very different themes in widely varying ways. Two of the three are directed by female directors, a proud first for this competition.

About the films

– Miele, by Valeria Golino – France, Italy
This film will grip the audience with its delicate approach to a highly sensitive issue which is challenging people all over Europe: how to alleviate the pain of others even when they take fatal decisions.
Irene helps terminally ill people to die with dignity by giving them a drug. One day she supplies a new “client” with a fatal dose, only to find out he’s perfectly healthy. Irene is determined not to be responsible for his suicide. From this moment, Irene and Grimaldi are locked unwillingly in a tense and unusual relationship which will change Irene’s life forever.

– The Selfish Giant, by Clio Barnard – United Kingdom
A contemporary fable about 14-year-old Arbor and his best friend Swifty. Excluded from school, and outsiders in their own community, the boys meet Kitten, a local scrapman, and begin collecting scrap metal for him using a horse and cart. Swifty has a natural gift with horses and Arbor has a business brain and a way with words – they make a good team. But when Arbor begins to emulate Kitten by becoming greedy and exploitative, tensions build, leading to a tragic event which transforms them all irrevocably.

– The Broken Circle Breakdown by Felix Van Groeningen – Belgium
The film is a love story between Elise and Didier. Their happiness is complete after their little girl Maybelle is born. Unfortunately, Maybelle, at six years old, becomes seriously ill. Didier and Elise react in very different ways. But Maybelle does not leave them any choice. Didier and Elise will have to fight for her together.

“28 Times Cinema” and LUX FILM DAYS

The European Parliament has invited young cinema enthusiasts, aged 18 to 25 years, from all EU member states to take part in the fourth edition of the “28 Times Cinema” project at the Venice Film Festival. They will attend screenings, debates and workshops organized with directors, film critics, professionals and Members of the European Parliament.

The three films, subtitled in the 24 official EU languages, will be screened from mid-October to December in the 28 member states, an event known as the LUX FILM DAYS. Audiences at these screenings will vote to decide which film should receive a Public Mention. That film will be shown at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2014.

Announcement of the winner

The winner of the LUX Prize will be picked in December, based on votes cast by MEPs. The prize will be officially awarded at a formal sitting of the European Parliament with the film makers in attendance.

All three final films will be made available on Digital Copy (DCP) with subtitles in the 24 official languages. The winning film will be adapted – at least in the original language(s) – for the hearing and visually impaired. All three films will be supported with tailored promotion in the Member States during the national releases.

The 2012 LUX Prize winner was Io sono Li by Andrea Segre (2012, France, Italy)

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